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Pediatric Dentistry

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Children aren’t born fearing the dentist. Arthur J. Johnson, DDS, Maria G. Liñan, DDS, and the team at Woodlands Elite Dental Partners in The Woodlands, Texas, make a special effort to provide you and your children a pleasant experience with every visit. Call to book an appointment or use the online scheduling option for quality pediatric dental care in a fun and relaxed environment.

Pediatric Dentistry Q&A

When should my child start seeing the dentist?

Your child should begin regular dental visits when their first tooth erupts. If your child’s first tooth does not erupt by their first birthday, bring them in for a dental checkup to assess their oral development and the overall health of their mouth. This is a good opportunity to introduce your child to oral hygiene habits that will keep their teeth healthy and strong, and ask the dentist any questions you may have. 

Why should my child receive dental care from an early age?

Your child’s baby teeth will begin to erupt between six and 12 months of age and continue to erupt until your child is about three years old. This period is critical because baby teeth set the foundation for the primary teeth. Your child may experience discomfort during this period, too. 

The dentists at Woodlands Elite Dental Partners examine your child’s oral development to avoid future complications and make suggestions to help ease the discomfort of teething pain. 

Your child begins to shed primary teeth throughout their childhood when permanent teeth start to come in around age six. It’s important your child has a dentist during this time to help them establish good oral hygiene routines.

If your child has problems with their bite, the alignment of their teeth, or the health of their gums and surrounding tissues, your provider can address it before the problem advances.

How can I encourage healthy oral habits in my children?

The dentists at Woodlands Elite Dental Partners guide you as you establish healthy oral habits for your children. Visit the dentist as soon as your child’s first tooth erupts, and return for regular checkups twice a year. 

Help your child brush their teeth after every meal and floss each day. Provide them with a healthy diet that limits sugary foods and drinks that can lead to cavities. A strong oral hygiene routine goes a long way to preventing future dental problems and keeping your child’s teeth healthy for years to come.

For exceptional pediatric dental care for your fast-growing child, contact Woodlands Elite Dental Partners to schedule an appointment or book online at your convenience.